Whispers Beyond the Rainbow

Whispers Beyond the Rainbow: A Spiritual Quest

This book reminds you that all your knowledge is within and offers you
all the wonderful gifts and treasures that are your spiritual birthright.

Are you dreaming or are you awake?

A magical rainbow journey inspires you on a spiritual quest to reawaken your spiritual self.

Listen to the whispers and look beyond the rainbow to journey through a mystical world as your spirit travels on wings of light into special, sacred places inside your soul.

Whispers offers you a rainbow path within as it opens a window into your true spiritual nature. It invites you to explore and experience the infinite awareness and multidimensionality of your soul.

Your soul is a divine spark of light, a universal essence, waiting until you are ready to awaken to the reality of your soul's natural vibration and to become fully aware of your true spiritual nature.

You're invited to travel a more-than-magical journey into your soul. Somewhere inside your dreams, you'll see a rainbow path that leads you within. Follow your dream and awaken to your spiritual self.

Copyright 2014 by Gloria Chadwick

ISBN: 978-1-883717-47-6; 174 pages

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