Discovering Your Past Lives

Discovering Your Past Lives: The Ultimate

Guide Into and Through Your Past Life Memories

Offers a guided tour into and through your past life
memories. You’re shown how to tune into your
subconscious mind where all the memories are stored.
Do you ever feel like you're doing something you've done before? Maybe in a slightly different way, but still the same somehow?

Have you ever met someone for the first time, yet felt that you'd known him or her for years?

Have you ever been someplace for the first time, yet experienced a sense that it was very familiar?

Do you feel drawn to a particular era or culture, more comfortable with it perhaps than the present you're living in now?

All these experiences indicate a connection with your past lives. In this book, the world of reincarnation and past lives is clearly explained. An easy-to-follow program offers numerous mind-opening meditations, experiential exercises, anecdotes, and examples as it guides you step-by-step into and through your past life experiences, helping you uncover the clues that explain your mannerisms, preferences, problems, and feelings of today.

If you’re ready to explore who you were before and how events and emotions in your past lives affect and influence who you are now, this book can guide you into that knowledge. Every part of a past life journey is explored from beginning to end -- including how to recover your past life memories; how to balance and heal your karma; how to recognize people from the past; and how to discover your purpose in this life. The book contains numerous anecdotes, showing how other people have opened their past life memories, as well as a plethora of exercises and meditations you can do to retrieve your memories.

Through repeated incarnations, you gain knowledge and resolve negative situations incurred in previous lives as you move through the process of evolving your soul. You're guided through understanding, balancing, and healing your karma in a clear, loving way. You'll see how to recognize soul mates and special people you've been with before, and understand their connections to you now.

This book offers you many areas and avenues to pursue in helping you open up your memories, such as dreams and deja vu, current clues, past patterns, pre-birth promises, carry-overs, continuations, and much, much more. It shows you how to put together the puzzle pieces of your past lives as it empowers you to be the director of your destiny.

The value of remembering your past lives is in the insights and knowledge you gain into the experiences in your present life. The benefits of remembering the events and emotions in your past lives is in applying those insights and the knowledge gained from your past life journeys into your present life.

Copyright 2014 by Gloria Chadwick

 ISBN: 978-1-883717-20-9; 5.5 x 8.5 softcover; 202 pages

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