Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Somewhere Over the Rainbow… A Soul’s Journey Home


A metaphysical novel about the reality of reincarnation that offers you a
lighthearted look into the ups and downs of being spiritual in a physical world.
Amanda is a free spirit who somehow manages to get herself stuck in the energy vibration of a physical body. Of course she did it on purpose; nothing happens by accident. She just doesn’t feel like herself and is more than a little embarrassed to find herself on earth again. She wonders how she ended up here when she vowed she’d never reincarnate again.

Violet thinks she’s Amanda’s parallel self and is trying to remember something she’s forgotten about her true spiritual nature so she registers for school in the universe and begins classes in Time and Space, Energy and Matter, and Reality Awareness. She’s a bit concerned about the whole idea of synchronicity and the simultaneous time/space concept; she’s not sure if she can handle everything at once.

Rainbow is Amanda’s higher self and Violet’s teacher who tries to help them see the light within themselves. Being true to her universal nature, she tends to appear when the sun sparkles through misty images. But Rainbow is really more than she appears to be at first, or even second, glance.

Amanda’s life lessons and Violet’s spiritual studies prove to be very mind-stretching. Along the way they meet some interesting characters and come across a few rather unusual circumstances. Amanda finds an imaginary friend named Adam in the broccoli garden who floats in and out of her life, next appearing as a throat specialist when she develops tonsillitis because she’s afraid to speak about her past-life experiences in Egypt when she suffered horribly for sharing secret knowledge. Her broccoli buddy later reappears as a shaman in Africa and Amanda knows he’s real this time because her birthday wish finally came true, but he’s also Violet’s friend from many lifetimes who took her to a silent movie called “Thoughts are Tangible Things.”

After Amanda gets fired from her job as a secretary because she refuses to wear shoes in the office, she joins the Peace Corps with her best friend, Judy, and they go to Africa where Amanda gets bitten by a mosquito and contracts malaria. Violet feels just sick about this and tries to help Amanda heal herself but she’s unconscious and in a coma, and everything is getting dark because the shadows of a past-life memory keep surrounding her soul. Violet is afraid she’s dying, but Amanda seems very alive right now, reaching for Violet through the shadows and leading her into a magical garden where there’s a beautiful rainbow.

Amanda’s father, Jim, has a life-long dream about going on an archeological expedition to Egypt to look for buried treasure. When he goes to Africa to be with Amanda at her deathbed, he meets Adam and remembers him as the throat specialist. It appears to be a small world until he also remembers him as a shaman from somewhere, a long time ago. He has a hard time believing that reincarnation really happens, but it’s the only explanation that makes sense.

After seeing Amanda, he and Adam take her out of the hospital to a Garden of Harmony, where she magically heals the sickness that has plagued her soul for centuries. By then, Jim has remembered another lifetime with Amanda in Egypt and they go there to explore their shared memories. By some amazing coincidence, there’s an excavation going on at the Temple of Luxor and he’s able to join the crew. Amanda has an awful fear of going inside the temple because she died there before.

Long before this ever occurs, Violet attends a sunrise seminar on the spiritual perspectives of living in a physical body at Rainbow’s request because she feels that Violet needs some help in this area and Amanda wakes up sunburned. She tries to explain to her mother that it happened in a dream.

Her mother, Beth, doesn’t believe her because she’s determined to keep her grip on reality, even though Amanda tried to teach her how to fly after Violet took her on a guided tour of the universe. Beth wonders about some of the things that happened when Amanda was a baby and knows she couldn’t possibly have changed her diapers in her sleep or fed her the bottle in bed, but it was always there at two o’clock in the morning. Maybe it was her hormones getting back to normal, like the doctor said. She still has her doubts, especially after Amanda explains the facts of life to her by telling her about her soon-to-be-born brother, Gary.

He doesn’t make life any easier for Beth. As he grows up, he insists he was an Indian in his past life and that his purpose in this life is to save the earth and preserve the ecological balance. He has this annoying little habit of wearing his full Indian headdress all the time. He also makes a practice of planting trees at school and holding peaceful pow-wows for his teachers and the other students.

Then there’s Newton-Einstein, a soul who has already flunked two lifetimes and is now taking classes with Violet, trying to understand what time and space are all about and what everything is relative to. Violet doesn’t like him at all and thinks that when the apple fell on his head, it knocked the spiritual sense right out of him. He’s almost ready for the final exam on earth to fulfill his destiny—to bring scientific and spiritual thought together by discovering a theory called Metamorpheus Light Synergy. Violet thinks he’s going to have a problem maneuvering through time and taking quantum leaps through space because he’s always late for class.

His terrible attitude doesn’t help things; he acts so stuffy and scholarly, like he knows it all. Violet decides to give him a few helpful tips and some not-so-friendly advice about the way things really work and how to tell time. It becomes obvious she doesn’t know as much as she thinks she does, but the eraser on her pencil is missing and she can’t undo her mistake because she broke one of the cosmic commandments.

Somewhere inside all these experiences—in the beginning, the middle, and the end—a rainbow whispers to Amanda, “Follow your dream.” Violet seriously wonders if she’s ever going to wake up, but she has her own set of problems and challenges to deal with in relation to time and space, and everything else for that matter. She feels as if she’s getting nowhere; Rainbow explains that no-where is really now-here and that people mispronounce it all the time, then suggests that perhaps if Violet would look clearly into her experiences and be here now, she just might find the answers she wants.

Violet has a warped sense of time and an uncanny knack for misunderstanding and misapplying universal vibrations of energy. She just can’t seem to get the hang of it and sometimes feels as if she’s stuck somewhere between the earth and the universe. To make matters worse, Amanda has a terrible tendency to believe that time is linear and thinks that the world is exactly what it appears to be.

Violet’s destiny is to rediscover the Scroll of Knowledge she wrote in Egypt and to share the teachings with Amanda, and with anyone else who is looking for mystical knowledge. This isn’t easy for her because she’s reluctant to remember her experiences as a philosopher and has turned off her spiritual awareness. She’s decided to be a writer in her next lifetime but doesn’t want to give up the energy-form of her physical pencil for a cosmic computer.

Amanda’s most down-to-earth task is to see through the misty illusions of things for herself and to remember her true spiritual nature. In the course of events, she gets sidetracked by what everyone says is real life. But she’s not sure what’s real anymore. She’s been having a lot of dreams about rainbows lately and now she’s beginning to wonder if her life is really a dream she’s having. She decides to find out, once and for all, who she really is and what life is all about.

While Amanda is learning through her earth experiences, Violet is learning through her studies at the School of Spirituality. The requirements for graduation are to unearth the mysteries of the universe and to blend her spirituality into Amanda’s experiences by applying knowledge in realities that are worlds apart. One of the things Violet has to master is that the two separate worlds are really the same. Rainbow has assigned that topic to her master’s thesis.

Graduating her soul into higher levels of awareness is often hampered by the fact that she’s physical and spiritual at the same time but for one reason or another, she can’t seem to see the whole picture at once and more often than not, feels as if she’s coming apart at the seems. When she comes down with a cloudy mind cold, there’s a bit of trouble trying to revibrate her energies.

For a special project—a past-life research report—in the Reality Awareness class, Violet has to help Amanda remember who she really is. In the process, she finds herself in quite a few un-soul-like situations and becomes more involved with earth energies than she’d like to be, but she’s sure the illusions aren’t real. Well, almost. At least they don’t seem to be.

When Amanda begins her search to find the truth about her soul, and to discover her nearly-forgotten spiritual knowledge, Violet trips through time and loses her straight-line perspectives of space, matter, and motion. This causes some serious repercussions in the form of past-life experiences popping up out of nowhere in the present. At just about the same time, Amanda gets lost somewhere in space and wanders through multidimensional realms of the universe in search of herself.

As Rainbow comes to the rescue—higher selves and universal light teachers tend to do that from time to time—she transcends their shared experiences, illuminating the key to knowledge that’s hidden just beyond the spectrum of the sunrise; the key that Amanda placed inside a rainbow right after she was born, the same key that an old philosopher in Egypt gave Violet just before he died.

The book engages you in the magical world of your imagination as it presents you with an opportunity and an avenue to rediscover your true spiritual nature. It offers you a look into higher realms and realities of awareness and shows you the spiritual side of everyday experiences. The story encourages you to wonder about, and to recognize, the meaning of Amanda’s and Violet’s experiences; it lets you understand the meaning in your own way.

If you look somewhere over the rainbow, you’ll probably see a lot of things about yourself that you knew all the time, but temporarily forgot somewhere in your earth experiences. And if you look for the light within yourself, you might remember who you really are, and you might see a universal path of knowledge that all souls must travel to find the way home.

Copyright 2014 by Gloria Chadwick

ISBN: 978-1-883717-11-7; 6 x 9 softcover, 362 pages

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