Inner Journeys

Inner Journeys: Meditations and Visualizations

May the words in this book be like poetry in motion, creating
magical, mystical worlds within your body, mind, heart, and soul.

Meditation offers many practical and metaphysical benefits, such as relaxation, enhancing creativity, reducing stress, and aiding healing. Meditation, in the form of guided visualizations, can also take you on many wonderful inner journeys that lead you into the multidimensional worlds of your soul. Inside this book are metaphysical, magical, mystical meditations for you to enjoy that will inspire and empower you on your path of self-discovery and spiritual awareness.

The meditations invite you to travel farther than the center of yourself and deeper within to the very core of your being, to touch and fully experience your essence. They share with you the mysteries of your mind and the secrets of your soul; they reveal your true spiritual nature, if you will listen to the soft, quiet voice that whispers within. They offer reawakenings and reunions with the spiritual side of yourself, if you will look within your heart, mind, and soul to recognize the magic that exists within you.

Once upon a time, somewhere inside your soul, you knew everything there was to know. Meditating can help you bring forth your inner knowings that show themselves now as your intuition; knowings that remain vibrant and alive, awaiting only your recognition to reopen all the spiritual knowledge you have within you and to bring it forth in all your day-to-day activities to show you all the wonder-filled magic you can experience in every moment.

These meditations share with you the harmony of your body, mind, and spirit, showing how they're intricately connected as well as reopening the knowings within your soul. They're offered to illuminate and guide your way as you travel an inner journey on a magical, mystical path to remembering your spiritual knowledge and reawakening your spiritual self.

Copyright 2014 by Gloria Chadwick

ISBN: 978-1-883717-26-1; 6 x 9 softcover; 234 pages

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