Looking Into Your Future Lives

Looking Into Your Future Lives: A Trip Through Time

What if your future lives happened before your past lives?
Or what if they're happening simultaneously with your present life?

Future Lives takes a look at reincarnation in a new light--from a simultaneous time-space concept. It looks into the real possibility that all your past, present, and future lives--instead of happening separately--are happening at the same time in the present at various vibrations of energy.

Rather than the past creating the present and shaping the future, this book shows how the future interacts with and causes the present, just as much as the present has created the past and the past has created the future.

Looking into your future lives, or even just looking into the future in this life, through a future-focused perspective allows you to look deeply into your current experiences to see an expansive view of the past, the present, and the future--and how these time-spaces affect and alter one another.

The book includes explanations, examples, and experiences that I and my students and clients have experienced as we've traveled through time in various vibrations of our past, present, and future lives.

It offers you many ways to see and explore--through experiential visualizations, mind-opening meditations, and interactive exercises--all your experiences in more levels of awareness than the linear framework of time, and offers you an opportunity to create and change any event in any of your lives now.

If you want to travel through the eternal NOW, through the multidimensional vibrations of your experiences, this book is the ultimate guide to tripping through time.

Copyright 2008 by Gloria Chadwick

ISBN: 978-1-883717-06-3; 6 x 9 softcover; 174 pages

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