Looking Into Your Future Lives

Have you ever wondered how time really works? What if time doesn't move in a straight line of past, present, and future? What if your future lives happen first... before your past lives?

What if the experiences in your future lives actually cause and create the experiences in your present and past lives, instead of the other way around?

Or what if time is a fluid vibration of energy? What if your past, present, and future lives are all happening at the same time, and the experiences in each directly influence and affect all your experiences in all your lives?

Looking Into Your Future Lives: A Trip Through Time looks at reincarnation in a new light from a simultaneous time-space concept. It looks into the real possibility that all your past, present, and future lives--instead of happening separately in a linear framework of time, are happening at the same time in the present at various vibrations of energy.

Rather than the past creating the present and shaping the future, this book shows you how the future interacts with and causes the present, just as much as the present has created the past, and the past has created the future.

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