Past Life Regression

Perhaps you've had remembrances of another time and another place where you've lived before or maybe you dream about events that seem as if they somehow happened to you.

Would you like to have a way to journey into your past lives to find answers to present-day problems or to understand why certain situations keep happening to you?

The Complete Do-it-Yourself Guide to Past Life Regression offers a way to journey into your past life memories to find the answers you're looking for. An in-depth script for remembering the events and emotions in your past lives is interwoven through the chapters. You're also offered interesting excursions and side trips to experience along the way.

Discovering Your Past Lives

Revised and reincarnated into a new edition, Discovering Your Past Lives (first published in 1988) invites you on an exciting adventure into discovering who you were and what you did in your past lives.

Unraveling and understanding your past life memories is like reading a wonderful mystery novel. The pages of your past lives are filled with interesting and informative characters who share secrets and clues with you.

You'll find fascinating facts and hidden truths within your past life experiences. You're the detective, and it's up to you to unearth the clues that will lead you to discovering your past lives.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Just created a new cover for Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Rainbow is a visionary novel--part fact, part fiction--about the reality of reincarnation and spiritual awakening.

The story takes you on a universal quest for knowledge and presents an entertaining adventure through this earth experience we call life as it offers a lighthearted look into the ups and downs of being spiritual in a physical world.

Based on a past life, the book invites you to remember who you really are as you look for the light within yourself and journey the path that all souls must travel to find the way home.

Zen Coffee

Wondering how caffeine and calm, poured into the same coffee cup can help you mindfully meditate?

It would seem that coffee and meditation are in opposition to one another, but the truth is... they are completely in harmony.

Zen Coffee: A Guide to Mindful Meditation offers you many ways to meditate by coffee. It's been updated with twelve new mindful meditations that may help you mindfully meditate or maybe just calm your mind as you drink in the essence of Zen--the essence of your inner nature.

It uses coffee as a metaphor for meditating and tuning into the peaceful, calm essence of your inner nature as you zip through the Zen of daily life. It offers you ways to find a few moments every now and then to relax, to get in touch with who you are. There are meditations you can engage in with your eyes open and a cup of coffee in your hand. It plays off caffeine and how it both jazzes and calms your mind at the same time.

Looking Into Your Future Lives

Have you ever wondered how time really works? What if time doesn't move in a straight line of past, present, and future? What if your future lives happen first... before your past lives?

What if the experiences in your future lives actually cause and create the experiences in your present and past lives, instead of the other way around?

Or what if time is a fluid vibration of energy? What if your past, present, and future lives are all happening at the same time, and the experiences in each directly influence and affect all your experiences in all your lives?

Looking Into Your Future Lives: A Trip Through Time looks at reincarnation in a new light from a simultaneous time-space concept. It looks into the real possibility that all your past, present, and future lives--instead of happening separately in a linear framework of time, are happening at the same time in the present at various vibrations of energy.

Rather than the past creating the present and shaping the future, this book shows you how the future interacts with and causes the present, just as much as the present has created the past, and the past has created the future.

New Beginnings

We're in the process of revising all of our books. We'll be making changes to bring you bigger and better books. We have plans for some new covers, we're adding chapters, and things like that. We'll be blogging the changes as they occur.

Mystical Mindscapes has been publishing New Age books since 1992 and it's time for some changes! We're letting go of some titles, combining several books into expanded versions, and breathing new life into our older books... :)

We also have two new books in the works and hope to have them published sometime this year.